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Honda: Where dreams becomes a reality.

Tell us how you see Honda today and explain why? Honda has been a brand I’ve known among others while growing up and I say this because my Dad used Honda Civic back in the 90’s and it was one car that he really loved because it didn’t give him much problem in connection with any breakdown. Honda products like Honda cars have disappeared here in Africa / Ghana over years and We have brands like Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and Mercedes Benz taking over the market. It’s sad to see Hyundai taking over the Market here in Africa / Ghana with their stylish cars and products and Honda disappearing in the shadows. It’s my wish to see Honda products bounce back and take back their fame in the eyes of Africans. The most common products of Honda I see today in Ghana is the Honda Motor Cycles and even with that Yamaha motor cycles are competing with Honda. I believe Honda can do more by focusing on the African continents since the brand is fading out of our system and because we are developing gradually, I believe seeing Honda today on the African markets will bring back so many memories which will bring our attention back on Honda and if care is not taking Honda will loose it’s market on African continent 30 years from today.

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Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Writer
2D, Adobe Illustrator
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Honda: Where dreams becomes a reality.