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Kiddy (Champomy Label Design contest)

The name KIDDY brings an idea to the consumers mind that it's a drink for Kids without a doubt. My idea depicts the following: NATURALNESS: This design will change how people see Champomy because i used the french apples as the background of the label which adds a natural feel to the label / Champomy and it depicts that its an alcohol-free sparkling apple juice with no additional ingredients. This is what makes it appealing to both parents and kids. MODERNITY: The packaging looks modern and the two major images seen on the label is the French Apples and the Teddy Bears which adds a modern feel to the whole package. The Teddy Bears are used as security codes which comes is different colors, allowing both parents and kids to feel a sense of belongingness & to connect well with the Champomy Brand since it's a French drink made with 100% French apples. AUDIENCE: This idea will be appealing to parents since they are the ones to buy the drink for the kids and the importance of my idea and label design is to attract parents to the Champomy Drink on the shelf, which depicts that the drink is natural and is made from French Apples as shown on the Label, now they will be confident and trust that the drink is natural and healthy and has no additional ingredients. and they will go like "this will be good for my kids". This is a good feeling every parent wants when buying stuff for their kids. Kids will find the Champomy Drink appealing too, since they are able to relate well with fruits and the french apples on the label will just do the trick and connect them well with the Champomy Brand. Moreover Kids trust their parents to buy good and healthy drinks for them and Champomy Kiddy with it's looks / attractiveness will bring the desires of the kids to be a reality. The Champomy logo has been re-designed and the Apple in Gold is drawn to fit exactly how the French Apple looks like.

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Designer, Illustrator, Product Designer, Writer
2D, 3D, Adobe Illustrator
Advertising, Branded Content, Illustrations, Product Designs
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Kiddy (Champomy Label Design contest)
Kiddy (Champomy Label Design contest)