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What We Owe Each Other

What We Owe Each Other is a timely and sensitively directed film concerned with the messiness of healing from sexual violence. As a composer and a woman, I felt a light touch was needed; the weight of the conflict and characters rang perfectly clear without need of heavy-handed music. I chose to sample field recordings of bells because of their capacity to be sweet yet shrill, harmonious yet clamorous; a kind of metaphor for the volatile emotions Jude navigates throughout the film. With this, I developed a simple set of themes. Logline: After experiencing an enormous trauma, Jude weaponizes her pain and uses it against her friends; conflict, ugly healing, and growth ensue. Note - I used Ableton Live 10 Suite to create this score; this DAW is not listed as a "skill" so I subbed in Pro Tools (software I am also proficient at).

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What We Owe Each Other