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Verizon - Catching Cancer

While doctors are doing the best they can to fight cancer, they are often limited by 2D images to understand a patient’s 3D anatomy. Dr. Christopher Morley and Dr. Osamah Choudhry created Medivis, a technology that can take 2-dimensional patient imaging, whether an MRI or CAT scan, and convert into 3-dimensional holographic renderings. This will fundamentally change how doctors fight cancer. This docu-film tells that story. THE DIAGNOSABLE PRINT AD To showcase this technology, we took over The New York Times and created a diagnosable print ad using Augmented Reality. We found a real patient with a brain tumor and you can point your phone at his picture and see his brain in 3D and find the tumor.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
mcgarry bowen
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Advertising, Augmented Reality, Brand Films, Branded Content
Project Industries
Advertising, Augmented Reality
Verizon - Catching Cancer