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We Hear You

Apple asked us to show the non believers that an iPad Pro can not only replace your laptop, but serve as a solution to common computer issues we all face. So we took real tweets about real computer problems and showed how an iPad Pro could alleviate them through it’s unique features and design. For Social we created new pieces of content that did not rely on audio to get our message across. 1st Avenue Machine and shot these spot 100% practically. My Role Outside of this being an original concept, another writer and I wrote over 100 scripts, eventually culling them down to the final 35. These spots were shot during two rounds of shooting with director Jorme Tacoone, of Caviar Content. From there, we began post production which included the use of 4 editors, 2 edit bays, and countless hours of script re-writes. Once we finalized the edits, I directed our VO talent Mark Duplass in the studio.

Project Roles
TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Video
Project Industries