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How I Create

The team at Media Arts Lab created a wonderful Holiday Spot in 2018 called Share Your Gifts, an animated film about a young woman named Sofia who gains the courage to share her creativity with the world. This project was a massive undertaking that took the skill and time of some of the world’s most talented creators. So we decided to highlight some of these creators to see how the create outside of work using their personal Apple Products. - How I Create Music - Billie Eilish - How I Create Stories with Color - Debora Cruchon - How I Create Stories by Editing - Marianne Karaan - How I Create Portraits - Sana Srinivasan - How I Create Lettering - Marla Moore My Role I was both the writer and director of these pieces.

Project Roles
TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Commercials - Video
Project Industries