Old Spice Interneterventions

Are you interested in Spray Tan Parties where you can meet the bronzest chicks available? Would you rock a solid gold bluetooth headset? Do you want to live at a condo that is also inside of a gym so you can pump your bi’s and tri’s nonstop? If you answered yes, you may have fallen victim to our latest Old Spice campaign “Interneterventions”. We created a series of embarrassing banner ads and accompanying websites for the worst things on the internet. Then, when a user lands on one of our intentionally horrible product websites, the HTML elements quickly fall away to reveal a full-browser video featuring Old Spice Guy who sits you down, shames you and tells you to do better with your life decisions by using Old Spice body spray. We also featured a page where you could stage an internetervention with one of your friends.

Project Roles
Art Director
Old Spice
Art Direction, Comedy, Copywriting
Branded Content
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Beauty, Packaged Goods
Old Spice Interneterventions