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What to do with all the tennis data IBM generates at the US Open... In 2014, we turned it into music. Well, we got James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem fame) to turn it into music. 'Cause he's good at stuff like that. Working with James, and Tool of North America, we created a custom-built algorithm to turn data points from more than 400 hours of tennis play at the 2014 US Open into music cues that produced real-time soundtracks for each match. So things like pitch, timbre, and tempo were determined by things like the score and game events like aces and faults. The music was streamed on a website that was both a music visualizer and a tennis score tracker. So when you heard a change in the music, you saw what happened in the match to cause it. Then, the cool part. James created a full album. Using those 400 hours worth of live streaming music as a soundboard, essentially, he remixed his favorite matches to produce Remixes Made With Tennis Data, which dropped Dec. 19 to some pretty nice reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and KEXP. I was the Associate Creative Director on this project and led every part of its development.

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Creative Director, Writer
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