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Noosa Social Content

I worked within a small (but mighty) team to pitch & win Noosa as an AOR client for VaynerMedia. I got to develop, shoot, and design always-on social content, digital spots, event branding, and more. Noosa’s quality ingredients continue to be a selling point, so we chose this focus on social, as well as building the brand world and showcasing the meaningful history of how Noosa got it’s start. Having a very engaged fan base who rallies around the playful brand identity, we highlighted ingredients using stop-motion, illustration, and cinemagraphs to add a whimsical layer that was both true to the brand identity and not overly produced.

Project Roles
Art Director
Vayner Media
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Art Direction, Editing, Motion
Social Media Content
Noosa Social Content