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Lone Mountain Wagyu — Case of the Mondays

Wagyu is expensive and people tend to think of it as a special-occasion meat, a splurge with which to celebrate on weekends and holidays. And when they do buy it, they get Ribeye and Filet Mignon, not the less expensive cuts. So our client had a unique problem: a surplus of lower-priced Wagyu cuts and a product that isn’t thought of as a daily dish. How could we take those two perceived negatives and cook them into something positive and tasty and connect it to our new brand positioning, “Eat Life to the Fullest”? We started by looking at the work week and realized that the worst day of that week, as everyone knows, is Monday. Reams of data show that Mondays are actually, statistically and empirically, far worse than any other day. If we were going to help people use Wagyu to make the most of life, we had to start here. So, we created an entirely new product line: a Case of the Mondays. Inspired by Office Space and the Monday malaise, we put together the perfect pairings of Wagyu to rescue your week, depending on your appropriate price point. Each Case of the Mondays was a different size and contained a variety of cuts tailored to help you defeat your own case of the Mondays. To support our new offering, we created a social video campaign that absurdly dramatized typical Monday pain in catchy, meme-like ways. This was a first for a meat company that sells luxury beef: no cowboys, no homes-on-the-range, no sizzling steaks. We wanted to talk to people on a personal, human level — if you’re having a miserable day, you definitely don’t want to see something that looks way better than how you are feeling. Media ran only on Mondays, with a special emphasis on Mondays that people dread — like the day after the Super Bowl and the first Monday back to school.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Designer
Art Direction, Conceptual, Creative Direction, Design
Advertising, Commercials - Video, Social Media Content
Project Industries
Luxury, Packaged Goods
Lone Mountain Wagyu — Case of the Mondays
Lone Mountain Wagyu — Case of the Mondays
Lone Mountain Wagyu — Case of the Mondays
Lone Mountain Wagyu — Case of the Mondays