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Cheetos Vision

Cheetos has a long history of poking fun at rather "serious" topics such as political elections "Chester for Chester" or art museums "Cheetos Museum". This time we went after AI (Artificial Intelligence) - and more specifically AI camera apps, which have become hugely popular (e.g PRISMA) in the recent years. AI camera apps are extremely sophisticated, using complicated algorithms and machine learning to create entirely new imagery out of a photo — in this case completely made out of Cheetos. Introducing Cheetos Vision, the dumbest use of Artificial Intelligence to date. We then launched the app like a big tech brand would do, at SXSW. To promote it we've created apple-like parody ads "Shot On Cheetos Vision" that ran at SXSW as well as online.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Art Direction, Conceptual, Creative Direction
Mobile Apps
Project Industries
Advertising, Software, Technology
Cheetos Vision