NASA Total Solar Eclipse Event 2017

A team of designers and I were tasked with creating posters for NASA for the Total Solar Eclipse August 21st, 2017. We needed to create posters that conveyed what a solar eclipse is, the science of the sun, eye safety during a solar eclipse, and what to look for during the event. The team and I decided we wanted a bit of a vintage vibe with strong visuals. Many people attending the event do not speak English, so we wanted to make sure that the graphics spoke for themselves and knowing English was not totally necessary in order to understand the science and the safety. These posters will be hung up in August in Madras, OR at the site of the best view of the total solar eclipse and at the museum in Warm Springs, OR, where there will be an exhibit about solar eclipses.

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NASA Total Solar Eclipse Event 2017
NASA Total Solar Eclipse Event 2017
NASA Total Solar Eclipse Event 2017