Burnett's Rebrand

During the fall of 2017, I rebranded Burnett's Vodka for a branding class at Oregon State. The company describes the current Burnett's brand as "classy" and "high quality", but every college student knows Burnett's is what you buy when you're looking for something cheap to have a good time. I decided for the rebrand to embrace the bad reputation Burnett's has with their target audience and create a persona for them that you would want to hang out with. The new Burnett's Vodka brand is all about having a night you'll never remember but never forget. I used bright, bold colors to embody an "in your face" attitude. Black and white flash photography is used to show the true "turnt" lifestyle of drunk college students. When combined with the bright color palette, the audience's eye is drawn to the Burnett's logo.

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Art Director, Creative Director, Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Brand Strategy, Design
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Burnett's Rebrand
Burnett's Rebrand
Burnett's Rebrand