New Relic Alerts Policy Page

During the summer of 2017, I completed an 11 week internship with New Relic, one of the world's top data analytic companies and a leader in the tech industry. My task for the summer was to rework the policy detail page for their Alerts product. To put something very complex into simple terms that I am able to understand, Alerts is a notification service that will send the user and email or text when something goes wrong with their site. Each "policy" can contain countless "conditions" within it to be alerted about. When I arrived at New Relic, the Alerts policy detail page was extremely difficult to navigate. There was no way to sort through all your conditions or find which ones were alerting easily. I decided the best way to fix that problem would be to lay out the policy information in a table.

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Designer, UI Designer, UX/IA Designer
New Relic
Product Development, Sketch, Technology, Usability Testing, User Research
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New Relic Alerts Policy Page
New Relic Alerts Policy Page
New Relic Alerts Policy Page