For my senior thesis project in June of 2018, I wanted to create a radio app that made music accessible. Having worked at the radio station, I’ve noticed that KBVR-FM didn't have any options for those who want to listen to music but have hearing disabilities. This got me thinking: what efforts are being made by the music industry to accommodate those who are deaf or hard or hearing? For my thesis project, I wanted to explore how music can be interpreted using different senses in an effort to be inclusive for those with disabilities. My goal was to find a way to make music an enjoyable and understandable experience for everyone. In order to achieve my goal, I conducted research to find out how people, both hard of hearing and not, interpret music and emotion. With that information, I devised a way to turn music into a visual experience that can tie into the already auditory experience in an effort to make music accessible.

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Designer, Product Designer, UI Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, After Effects, Digital, Sketch
App Design, Mobile Apps
Project Industries
Entertainment, Music, Technology