Local Charm

Growing up in a small town you never tire of a good story or a friendly smile. Things move a little slower so you get to appreciate small things. You tend to get past the cliches and look for what people really care about or what makes them different.  Getting past the expected and showing people something a little different is the epitome of creative problem solving to me. A little bolder, louder or maybe a little quieter when they were expecting bolder and louder. But above all, be with the people in their moment, their backyard not the client's or anyone else's. Celebrate their spirit and the concept takes care of itself. Take a good look around, start with a moment of truth and send it out to them wherever they are, which today is most likely staring at their phone, scrolling thru the web or doing both at the same time. ​ ​

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Designer
Maryland Lottery
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Editing
Magazines, Products - Digital, Scripted TV, Social Media Content, Unscripted TV
Project Industries
Advertising, B2B, Gaming, Non-Profit, Technology
Local Charm