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Healthcare advertising has always meant being honest and authentic to me, either by being straight forward or even funny but always being hopeful. These clients operated with that same sense of hopefulness that I think all people want from the healthcare community that helps us through our most difficult times. Not only the life and death moments but the too sick to work but have to moments.  The Brown & Toland Independents Doctors work was especially gratifying because, well, they were great doctors. The work was used for social media and the intimacy of the creative worked well within the intimacy of social and digital platforms. I have a great doctor that I drive an hour and a half to see. I love great doctors. The MJHS Hospice work was much needed to publicize a growing need for New York children and parents. A tough subject handled with respect and hopefulness for each day. The entire MJHS mission is built on authenticity and hope. It felt good to do good for them.

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Art Director, Creative Director
Brown & Toland
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Editorial, Social Media Strategy
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Healthcare & OTC