Medicare Season

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan advertising has a lot of different components with tight deadlines, multiply audiences and high expectations for results. Having a creative who could not only deliver high impact materials but also having the ability to orchestrate the entire production is a strength that took me several years to master. Building a creative team and working with account management to deliver positive results has been a highlight of my career. From TV to direct mail to digital to seminar print ads, AEP planning and production took a lot of people and my creative leadership. Winning awards in the Heath Industry Advertising show for six consecutive years and winning new AEP business each year is proof of our team's dedication and my dedication to deliver results for our clients and team building.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Editor (Brand/Content)
MJHS healthcare
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Filmmaking
Case Study Videos, Products - Digital, Scripted TV, Social Media Content
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Medicare Season