Sundays Are Back

Bridgestone Golf's campaign began with Tiger Woods come back. For Bridgestone's most recognizable endorser, Tiger needed to "Win again" for people to consider buying their golf ball. Tiger and his comeback was the main focus of this social content strategy. From not being able to swing a club during a video shoot in December 2017 to his first tournament win, the marketing was literally shaped by how he did each tournament and the excitement it created, well, for the world. ​ As the art director and creative director for much of the work it was a culmination of my belief that video content is in a class by itself and the smart phone is the world's marketing canvas. Our team did all the typical creative to support a well-rounded media mix, but a single video announcing Tiger had made the cut for the weekend was seen by millions of people when Tiger promoted it on his social channels. It was the beginning of 24-hour video content pushed out after every meaningful moment, Coupled with other digital and traditional content, people wanted to buy "the ball the world was watching".

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Bridgestone Golf
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Sundays Are Back