Accor Team Reel

My role in this project was to facilitate the illustration process by creating the mood board, create the vector icons, and help make edits to the design work as per client requests. Our total turnaround time from start to finish was two weeks, making this one of the fastest and largest projects we have completed in that timeline. Production Company / Kindred & Scout Producer / Amy Jones, Mike Southworth Art Director / Carson Ting Illustrator / Aiken Lao, Emily Rose Animator / Alex Schenke, Barry Ambrosio, Brandon Fletcher, Mustaali Raj Designer / Mustaali Raj

Project Roles
Designer, Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Conceptual, Design, Project Management, Vector
Commercials - Video, Icons, Illustrations
Project Industries
Advertising, Lifestyle, Luxury, Travel/Tourism
Accor Team Reel