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Pepsi: Super Bowl, Joel McHale / Jay Pharoah

Pepsi wanted to surround the 2019 Super Bowl in a big way (given it was in Atlanta, home of Coca-Cola). They tapped Viacom Influence to produce content related to their main TV campaign, "Is Pepsi Okay?" I concepted, pitched, wrote the script for, developed the treatment for, and creative directed the shoot for Joel McHale's and Jay Pharoah's spins on the question. The project included designing a one-take set, keying in on a timed message, and of course developing a media strategy to put content in front of millions.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Conceptual, Creative Direction, Scripting
Branded Content, Social Media Content
Project Industries
Pepsi: Super Bowl, Joel McHale / Jay Pharoah