Nike "Remember the name"

Nike was launching the next generation of Techpack and Roshe2 at Footlocker for back-to-school, and they wanted to use the next generation of athletes to do it. These are athletes who are on the cusp of possibility. In a way, very similar to how many teenagers feel about facing a new school year, just on a grander scale. We started talking about fame and that moment when a signature suddenly becomes an autograph, about how a signature can almost be a pledge of future greatness. Abdou and Akwasi, the creative team, brought up the play that transformed Rooney into a star - the commentator kept repeating "Wayne Rooney - remember the name!", and so a campaign was born. The custom Snapchat filter ended up being one of the first executions and everything else fell out of that. I was GCD on this one, although I was overseeing it directly until the CDs (Paris and Nick) could move over from other projects, which happened in the final design/production phase. It was done at R/GA London.

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Nike "Remember the name"
Nike "Remember the name"
Nike "Remember the name"