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Gentle Monster x Moooi

On November 9th, 2017, Moooi and Gentle Monster launched the Third Eye Collection – a new line of sunglasses inspired by ancient Egypt and the mysticism of the third eye. It is infused with the two brands’ shared vision and philosophy of creative luxury and high-end experimentation. 3D Artist Ada Sokol was commissioned to create the visual campaign for the Third Eye Collection. This included unique and whimsical visual stories for each of the new sunglasses launched: DIVINITY, SINCERITY, INFINITY, TRINITY. Sokol’s approached this work by creating modern playfulness on ancient mysticism.

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Designer
Gentle Monster
3D Animations, 3D Illustrations, Art
Project Industries
Gentle Monster x Moooi
Gentle Monster x Moooi
Gentle Monster x Moooi