Within the past year alone, a soap company has championed true beauty, a breakfast cereal took a stand for marital equality and a tampon brand has declared war on entire frames of thought. Pretty much everywhere you turn you’re confronted with some sort of emotive jargon pleading for you to get involved or share your story. As a company that’s been doing nothing but making the best burgers around for the better part of a century, we figured it was about time for an honest message. So our #MakeBurgersGreatAgain campaign parodies the whole thing, showcasing the absurdity of over-promise and over-emoting. And what better time of year than right in the middle of the New Year’s healthapalooza blitz for some good old-fashioned cholesterol-rific burger messaging. At the end of the day, our message is simple: don’t get caught up in the propaganda crossfire, have a burger.

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