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Old Man Saxon - Hasn't Happened Music Video

Produced music video with one of my favorite directors and favorite rappers. From Hxppy Txxghts thoughts article - https://hxppythxxghts.com/old-man-saxon-hasnt-happened-prod-cer-spence/ Saxon comes through with a layered, engaging and visually stimulating experience as he drops off “Hasn’t Happened,” the first release off his forthcoming Goldman Sax EP. Delivered with a composed and collected aura, Saxon speaks on not becoming complacent – the future is uncertain and he hasn’t achieved what he’s set out to yet, so he’s determined to continue putting in the work and remaining focused on himself and his journey. Even though he’s praised and dapped up by people around him, Saxon has his vision locked on moving forward like none of the past accolades have ever happened. Accompanying the depth of the record itself, “Hasn’t Happened” is presented with a beautifully enigmatic visual experience. Directed by Anthony Yano Hays, the video adds even more layers to the already abundant substance contained within Saxon’s prose. There are alternate realities tied together through the video’s characters, clashing sci-fi-esque effects and more, all of which work to compose stories upon the preexisting messages and meaning of “Hasn’t Happened.”

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Old Man Saxon - Hasn't Happened Music Video