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Spinphony is a bike installation made in collaboration with 72andsunnys Google team and their Made with Code initiative. Our goal was to inspire and encourage teenage girls to take an interest in coding. So we created a musical bike installation, each of them was given a specific instrument stem of a song. For instance, bike 1 controls drums, bike 2 might control bass and so on. The way we made it all come together was to have the volume of each stem depend on the speed at which the bike was being pedaled (i.e. the slower the RPM the quieter the stem of the song and vice versa). This is where Arduino came into play. Using two magnets, a reed switch, Arduino, RPM values and MIDI we were able to produce an amazing symphony. We ended up making a great first prototype.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer
Art Direction, Design, Motion
Installations, Motion Graphics, Sound Designs
Project Industries
Advertising, Lifestyle, Technology