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Walmart "Smart Network"

The Smart Network My partner, Bruce Fougere, and I stumbled upon this idea after visiting a few Walmart stores and noticing that all of the in-store screens were playing the same exact thing, no matter what part of the store you were in. We thought - this could be the 'next generation' retail media network. There's a ton of data out there that can deliver a smarter message to all these screens. Thus was born: The Smart Network. We pitched the idea to Walmart that their in-store network can deploy response measurement and message optimization technologies to deliver the most relevant content to shoppers - by store, by screen, by day and by time-of-day. So screens can instead deliver highly local, highly customized product information at the point of decision when and where they need it - in the store. They could have an eye-catching, informative, real-time, ad-serving, interactive environment that can be seen in all 27,000 stores. Needless to say, they bought it. Walmart invested $50 million dollars into the idea that transformed the biggest in-store network in the world, into the smartest in-store network in the world.

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Art Director
The Martin Agency
Art Direction
Branded Content, Branding, Environmental Design, Retail Designs