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Borders Film – Times Square Arts

Man-made borders represent divides; between people, territories, and economies. A map with these boundary labels, can mask our social responsibility to both humanity and the environment. Our international borders hold valuable resources, and when we take a step back to see the world as a whole, we view a shared home not defined by walls but as delicate ecosystems. Using Google Earth as a medium to create an accurate depiction of the world from above, we see a border at the highest peak between Nepal and China. A backyard fenced by the U.S. and Mexico border, thousands of cars left by refugees at the Syrian and Turkish border. “Borders” is a 3 minute film that played for the entire month of September during the Times Square Arts midnight moment.The film was submitted as an open call for artists working in advertising to address social cause. I first heard of the Midnight Moment several years ago, I had wanted to participate in some way, but hadn’t had the right idea. Then when the open call for creatives working in Advertising came about I knew I had to put something together. I’ve had a heavy heart about the issues between our borders and the barriers around the world served to divide us. Working with Google had allowed me to see full depth of what the new Earth product was capable of and offered a perspective at viewing our world from above. I scoured the tool for impressive geographical footage and cultural relevant locations that connected to the story I was trying to tell. I pieced it all together as a film that told a story around shared resources and international divides and how really when you take a step back we’re all the same and want the same things. Nathan Shipley – co-edited this piece.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Editor (Film/TV)
Filmmaking, Outdoor, Video Journalism
360° Video, Art, Billboards, Motion Graphics
Project Industries
Borders Film – Times Square Arts
Borders Film – Times Square Arts
Borders Film – Times Square Arts