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SunnyD- Drink to your Own Beat

SunnyD... now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. SunnyD is an iconic brand...if you were around in the '90s. But today's teens have never heard of it. So now what? You come up with something so boldly original that it forces Gen Z to put their iPhones down long enough to take a swig. Unless they come across one of our digital/social pieces. In that case, good luck trying to pry their phones away. With the help of our cast of uniquely talented teens and rising hip-hop star DJ Kass, we created a spot that captures the spirit of this irresistible drink to make SunnyD an iconic brand once more.

Project Roles
Art Director
Terri & Sandy
Art Direction, Design
Music Videos, Scripted TV
Project Industries
Advertising, Beverage