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Kia Cadenza Valet

<BACKGROUND> The all new Kia Cadenza promised to be tinkering on the verge of luxury cars. Kia, however, is far from being known as a luxury brand. <OBJECTIVE> Gain credibility in the mainstream large sedan segment. Despite a downward sales trend in the large car category, Kia saw the segment as an opportunity to grow and challenge brand perceptions. <PROBLEM> When people think of Kia, they typically think small, simple cars. <INSIGHT> Those in the market for mainstream large cars often cross-shop entry-level luxury vehicles. However, the badge baggage of luxury brands and the absurd mark-up in maintenance costs turn prospective shoppers off and steer them towards mainstream brands. <STRATEGY> Enter the consideration set of mainstream brands by comparing ourselves to the luxury vehicles our audience desired, not the vehicles they rationalized themselves into buying.

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Brand Strategy, Media Strategy, Research
Branded Content, Social Media Content
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Kia Cadenza Valet
Kia Cadenza Valet