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Clinique Emoji

We were tasked with showing off the volumizing effects that the product had on the lips. It is particularly effecting because it has an ingredient which physically affects your lips for a short amount of time. The focus was lips. The thinking : We shorten everything through out text message language. We have created a new way of communicating. Emojis have become part of our communication. We use them to communicate full sentences. We have singular emojis that can say a lot. They're so elaborate that we don't even know what some of them may mean. Insight : We keep trying to lessen verbal communication. The idea : With more plumped up lips you'll try to talk as much as possible. We take something that society has created to shorten communication and we expand it. Lets use the obsession of talking with the chubby stick and talk as much as we can. Introducing the Emoji Translator. You type in emojis into the translator and we give you a video of a pair of lips dictating the meaning behind the emojis. Through digital renderings of many lips we are now able to create mini clips with any combination of the emojis. Some combinations of emojis unlock easter eggs. Website has been in the works for the past few years as it is taking a long time to digitize the lips, movements, and languages.

Project Roles
Art Director
Art Direction, Conceptual
Social Media Content
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