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Real Estate Phil's-osophies - National Association of Realtors

The National Association of REALTORS was facing a major relevancy issue. In an age of listing apps and websites, many potential homebuyers considered REALTORS to be more of a pest than an ally. We wanted to change this perception and show REALTORS for the knowledgable, personable professionals they truly are, and who better to do this than America's favorite REALTOR, Modern Family's Phil Dunphy? The initial assignment was to write a few TV spots featuring Phil Dunphy, in character, but it quickly became clear there was the potential for a much larger campaign. We thought back to an earlier episode of Modern Family, from Season 4, where Phil gives his daughter Haley a collection of life lessons he dubbed his "Phil's-osophies," and we said, "Why couldn't Phil do that with real estate advice?" And thus "Real Estate Phil's-osophies" was born. Both the National Association of REALTORS and the creators of Modern Family quickly latched on to this idea as it stayed true to both brands, and in the end, we had more than a few TV spots — we had ten, along with a whole mess of social content. To see it all, visit my site, lizbreen.com. [AWARDS: 2017 One Show Merit - Brand Integration, 2017 Effie Award Finalist - Real Estate, 2017 MITX Finalist - Brand Integration, 2017 Webby Award Honoree - Integrated Campaign, 2016 HATCH Awards (5 gold, 2 silver)]

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