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Sei autori in cerca di personaggio

An AI-generated poetry experiment. I created two machine-generated poems, based respectively on the tweets of the 10 most followed Twitter accounts and the acceptance speeches of the last 10 years Nobel price winners. La Casa Encendida — a social and cultural centre that hosts the most groundbreaking artistic expressions in Madrid — organized a contest for a poetry reading where pieces had to be generated using computers to explore new and unconventional ways of writing. “Sei autori in cerca di personaggi” (Six authors in search of characters) is a word pun on the famous play “Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore” (Six characters in search of an author) by Luigi Pirandello, and shares a similar absurdist approach. The experiment investigates the poetic language of machines, and the concepts of authorship and identity.

Project Roles
Creative Technologist, Editor (Copy), Illustrator
La casa encendida
Adobe Illustrator, Art Direction, Python
Art, Illustrations, Personal Project
Project Industries
Sei autori in cerca di personaggio
Sei autori in cerca di personaggio
Sei autori in cerca di personaggio