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Budweiser Blind Taste Test

We fought back against the craft beer trend by upending a classic taste test challenge—having consumers try the 100+ year-old recipe, blind. Recently the newness of craft beers is taking cultural space form classic brands like Budweiser. In order to drive trial among younger generations that hadn’t ever tried Bud, we went across the country recording just how much more they like the beer than they thought they did. Beer has such a regional culture surrounding it that we shot in 5 key markets across the country to be sure we drove deep relevance with local audiences. We wanted them to recognize bars and hear their own accents. One of the most gratifying responses were all the comments saying we faked it (we didn’t). Agency \\ VaynerMedia New York Creative Director \\ Ryan Murphy Associate Creative Director \\ Todd Bradley Art Director \\ Clark Rogers Art Director \\ Meg Rometty Producer \\ Lani Neumann

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Creative Director
Conceptual, Content, Film
Commercials - Video
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Budweiser Blind Taste Test