JDA Rebranding Campaign

The Ask: Take JDA, a legacy enterprise supply chain software company and let customers know they haven’t missed a step. The Problem: While Gartner and Forrester Research recognized JDA as a leader in just about everything supply chain, their brand perception was lacking. The Solution: A complete rebrand of JDA, refreshing their name, their logo, their digital assets, and creating a few TV spots. My Role: I researched competitor messaging and white space analysis to find Blue Yonder positioning and helped identify brand pillars.

Project Roles
Blue Yonder
Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Research, Strategy, Creative Research, Creative Strategy
Advertising, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Branded Content, Branding, Prototypes, Social Media Copy, Typography, Visual Designs, Corporate Events, Naming
Project Industries
B2B, Technology, Software
JDA Rebranding Campaign
JDA Rebranding Campaign
JDA Rebranding Campaign
JDA Rebranding Campaign