Brand Piece: PrinterPrezz, INC.

PrinterPrezz, a trailblazer in combining metal 3D printing, nanotechnologies and surgical expertise to design and manufacture next generation medical devices. This industry leading brand, needed to create a video that would further establish the brand as an industry leader and innovator. So I created work that capture the brand’s look and feel. PrinterPrezz had new testimonial footage and needed to combine this with existing b-roll. On top of this, the company was in a tight spot, as we only had 48 hours to complete this video! In the end, I delivered a high-quality product, the company was able to host on their website as well as a part of PR campaign - shown on sites like BusinessWire.com.

Project Roles
Editor (Brand/Content)
Color Grading, Editing, Sound Editing
Advertising, Branded Content
Project Industries
Advertising, Health/Pharma, Technology
Brand Piece: PrinterPrezz, INC.