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Dairy Management, Inc - Undeniably Dairy

The dairy industry needed a way to reconnect with people. The Calcium and Vitamin D messaging wasn't working. And with the proliferation of Soy, Almond, Oat, Rice, and other milk alternatives—as well as cultural trend of moving away from animal-based products—the dairy industry has been feeling the squeeze for years. But the truth is, those 'alternatives' aren't really true alternatives. Not in taste. They're close, but they're not the same. And until someone says "does it taste like vegan cheese" in a good way, real dairy has the taste superiority. It doesn't take a comprehensive study to know that the large majority of dairy-based or dairy-containing products are really really delicious. So after validating the above insights with consumers, we set to work reminding them just how irreplaceable real dairy is. And even nodded to a few things you probably didn't know about it. With an integrated campaign that spanned tv, digital, print, pre-roll, activations, social and earned media, we helped the dairy industry re-establish pride in all the products they make (and make better), and drummed up more chatter than any campaign they've ever done—and that was just round 1. My role in this project was working with strategy to develop the insights, coming up with the idea and line, writing all the scripts, pre-/production/post, and working with other creative teams to build out the integrated support.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy
Commercials - Broadcast, Social Media Content
Project Industries
Advertising, Packaged Goods
Dairy Management, Inc - Undeniably Dairy