Del Taco Super Special Show

Back in 2009, my team and I were tasked with coming up with a new way for Del Taco to talk to their customers. The end result was The Del Taco Super Special Show – a sort of variety show for the attention span-challenged. Through regular webisodes on Facebook and teaser spots on TV and radio, we entertained the crap out of the Del Taco customers – and increased the Del Taco Facebook fans by over 500%. Involvement: The DTSSS was my biggest project during my time at Doner. I created several of the characters and skits, wrote scripts for even more, headed up radio and webisode mixes, and had my hands in just about every other aspect of this endeavor.

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Copywriter, Editor (Copy)
Del Taco
Broadcast, Copywriting, Creative Strategy, Editing, Radio, Scripting, Social, Social Media Strategy
Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Radio, Social Media Content, Social Media Copy
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