Fender Print Campaigns

In a digital world, print can sometimes seem to be going the way of the dodo. But for Fender, a company with a rich heritage of killer ads and brochures for the last 70+ years, print is still alive and well. These are a couple of the print ads I had the privilege of working on. HOT ROD AMPLIFIERS Fender's Hot Rod amps are the most-used backline amps on the festival circuit and a practically bombproof stalwart used by innumerable touring musicians of all stripes. This ad was done to announce the 4th installment of the series and reinforce their leading stance on stages all around the world. RUMBLE DIGITAL AMPLIFIER Rumble was a new digital amplifier specifically for bass players that featured dozens of presets and amp models. This made it possible for bassists to break out of the norm and play with effects, different sounds, and more – something that is much more rare in the bass world than it is for guitarists. I wrote this headline to show how easy it is to access this new world – just plug your bass in, and break out of what you're used to.

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Fender Print Campaigns
Fender Print Campaigns