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eBay - Unicorn / Pride

A vintage Mustang, 3000 gems and a story of love and acceptance. For Pride 2017, eBay wanted to celebrate diversity and inclusivity whilst showing off the range of wonderful things available on eBay. I had an idea to take a Mustang, the symbol of masculinity and subvert it to become something more fabulous and worthy of Pride parade. We assembled a team of LGBTQ+ artists, designers and mechanics to transform the car into a unicorn before taking one of the team's family to Pride in London 2017 to experience it for the very first time. The car was then sold on eBay, generating over £30,000 for a charity called 'The Albert Kennady Trust' that offers accommodation and support to young LGBTQ+ homeless people.

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Creative Director
Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Filmmaking
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eBay - Unicorn / Pride
eBay - Unicorn / Pride