KAYAK Travel Pros Hub

KAYAK Travel Pros are those than confidently explore the world to pursue their dreams, and – seeing an opportunity to bring KAYAK into the inspirational brand space – we began a sponsorship program that works alongside the brand campaigns to encourage our consumers to become Travel Pros themselves. Anyone can apply to be a Travel Pro – but KAYAK only takes the best of the best, those that are on a mission as they confidently travel to reach their goals. We created this site to highlight our Travel Pros, with each section tailored towards the content our TP created; as well as multiple calls to action to encourage the consumers to apply themselves. Each application was carefully considered, and TP sponsorships began popping up all over Europe, creating lots of content for our social media pages.

Project Roles
Art Director
Art Direction, Design
Project Industries
Advertising, Travel/Tourism
KAYAK Travel Pros Hub
KAYAK Travel Pros Hub
KAYAK Travel Pros Hub