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I was part of a freelance team that took part in The Ad Club of New England's Brandathon a couple of summers ago. Brandathon is a competition where creative teams are paired up with a small business or startup. The business is given thirty minutes to brief the creative team and then the creative team has seventy-two hours to create and produce an integrated brand campaign for their client. The final campaigns are presented to a panel of industry experts who then declare a winner. In those seventy-two hours, my art director and I led a team that concepted, shot and edited 4 videos in addition to producing an outdoor campaign and promotional campaign for our client, HipChip, a group gift-giving service. We used HipChip's unofficial mascot, Chippy the Chipmunk, in the dual role of lovable character and payment-collecting thug to hilarious results. The best of our work is below.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Commercials - Video, Billboards
Project Industries
HipChip-Web Videos
HipChip-Web Videos
HipChip-Web Videos