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Nakhane 'New Brighton' Music Video | Directed by Iggy LDN

South African pop artist Nakhane teams up with English singer Anohni for a powerful track titled “New Brighton", taken from a forthcoming deluxe version of Nakhane's 2018 album You Will Not Die, due on February 22, 2019. BMG commissioned Iggy LDN to direct Nakhane's first music video in the UK. "The words “and all the seraphim and all the cherubim” repeat several times in the song ‘New Brighton’. A cherub is an angel created by God to guard the entrance of paradise. Cherubs were created on the third day and have no gender so can appear as male or female. A seraph is an angelic being of the highest order and is typically associated with light, ardour, and purity. Sticking with Nakhane’s androgynous look, Nakhane is an ethereal and angelic being who falls from the entrance of paradise down to earth, where he finds himself lost, alone and dishevelled on a disserted beach. The video captures Nakhane’s sadness as he falls down from grace and becomes human." – Iggy LDN. © GiF Productions.

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