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Dutch National Opera “You Don’t Know Opera”

Unfairly young people have a problem with opera. It is seen as an old fashioned and performed by stuffy institutions that they can’t relate to, when in fact the opposite is true. The Dutch National Opera is a modern, highly conceptual and contemporary institution in every way from how they choose directors, talent, stage designers, wardrobe and engage in culture beyond the buildings themselves. Under the moniker: “You Don’t Know Opera” we set out to enlighten young people about the incredible people, the contemporary craft and the die-hard devotion that these art lovers put into to every bit of what you experience on stage. In the first installment, we focussed on Frank, a Tenor at the DNO, and a semi-professional kick-boxer. Without a large media budget so we had to create a film that would take on a life of its own. With help from Nowness and Johnny 'Bang,' Reilly the message was seen wide and broad by young audiences and excelling by taking home accolades at film festivals around the world including best short at the Sydney International Film Festival. Role: Executive Creative Director Executive Creative Director: Martin Peters Creative Director: Justin Blyth Creatives: Rowan Bancroft, Guillaume Roukhomovsky, Gilles Suprin Agency: Anomaly Amsterdam

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Dutch National Opera “You Don’t Know Opera”