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Johnnie Walker "Keep Walking' Overhaul

Johnnie Walker has always been a champion of human progress. For more than a decade Keep Walking have been unanimous with the promise that if you follow the rules and work hard, then tomorrow will be better and you will be both rewarded and successful. Unfortunately, that is no longer true. For the first time in the history of the Western World, young people are less likely to be better off than their parents. The ones following the rules and ‘just’ working hard are being left behind by those, driven by positive and sometimes irreverent energy. Young people are dropping out of colleges and building billion-dollar businesses. Athletes are changing their training regiment to be more playful. It was time to acknowledge that the rules have changed, and we need to help modernize the perception of Keep Walking to turn the Johnie Walker brand relevant again. Using a diverse cast of characters, from actor Jude Law and Formula One driver Jenson Button to a psychologist who studies happiness we overhauled the16-year-old "Keep Walking" and with "Joy Will Take You Further. Keep Walking," we moved Johnnie Walker from a work 'hard and persevere' message to one that promotes the idea that joy gives you the competitive edge critical to progress. It proves that if you start from a place of happiness, optimism, you are much more likely to succeed than those who follow the downtrodden road of blood sweat and tears. The campaign roused emotions in the advertising community but ultimately galvanized Diageo and consumers alike to a new found joy with Johnnie Walker and progress. While the line itself is no longer present in the current work, the idea of moving forward through life with a ‘skip’ in your step is still present in everything the brand does. My Role: Executive Creative Director / Art Director Executive Creative Director: Martin Peters Design: Jordan Shevell Chief Creative: Mike Byrne Director: Max Malkin Photographer: Martin Schoeller And a hundred other great and talented people executing across the globe. Agency: Anomaly Amsterdam/NYC

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Johnnie Walker "Keep Walking' Overhaul