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Life is poetry about Monday's.

Our relationship with Monday, says a lot about where we are in life, both Professionally and personally. Are you living for the weekends?Or are you excited for a new week to begin and bring new challenges with it? ‘Chasing dreams’ and ‘fulfilling yourself’ are topics that keep a lot of young minds busy. While these questions are very relevant for some, this conversation is a luxury for others. For those who struggle to survive on a day to day basis, for those who live on the streets, these questions don’t even exist. This short examines the coexistence of these two layers of consciousness, one represented by the VO and the other by the visuals. Shot in downtown, Los Angeles 2018. Credits: Concept, direction, Cinematography, editing, animation, design, music & sound by Yossi Shamrik at

Project Roles
Animator, Cinematographer, Creative Director, Editor (Film/TV), Motion Designer
2D, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Art Direction, Cinematic, Cinematography, Editing
2D Animations, Art, Cel Animations, Documentaries, Illustrations, Motion Graphics, Music
Project Industries
Life is poetry about Monday's.