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36 Days of Type 2017

Vault49 was invited to create the official "F" for 36 Days of Type. I worked with our Creative Directors and designers to come up with a concept that would connect with Vault49's roots in craft by fabricating a mold of a custom letter "F" which we would then set on fire. I tested different combustible materials to see which would make the best fuel base, and also tested how it reacted to different chemicals to see what color flames we could produce. I arranged for our custom "F" to be laser cut and worked with our designers to fabricate a concrete mold. Lastly I worked with our designers to document an edit the footage we captured to create the final clip for the Instagram post.

Project Roles
Art Director, Artist, Project Manager
36 Days of Type
Creative Research, Fabrication, Project Management
Art, Installations, Typography
Project Industries
36 Days of Type 2017
36 Days of Type 2017
36 Days of Type 2017
36 Days of Type 2017