GE #TheNextFrontier

GE created a series of short videos to position itself as an industry leader in neurological research. Pairing up with Vaynor Media, Vault49 was engaged to create content for 7 of the 8 videos produced for this campaign. I was responsible for coordinating with the artists, film crew, and Vaynor Media to ensure that everything and everyone was on set and ready when production started and to assist with any issues on set. I was responsible for sourcing the art materials needed for the "Optimist", "Extrovert" and "Lovers" videos. Oh and did I mention I helped design the artwork for the "Optimist" video?

Project Roles
Artist, Project Manager
General Electric
Design, Project Management, Maintaining Schedules, Managing Budgets
Advertising, Commercials - Video
Project Industries
Health/Pharma, Technology