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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Social Campaign (AOR)

With this much riding on the next chapter in the Saga, where do you go? Disney and Lucasfilm wanted to tap into the potential of millennial females and multicultural families, reignite fan excitement, overcome skepticism, create compelling and beautiful imagery to promote the film across social channels, and find ways to surprise everyone with limited assets and unprecedented spoiler-free storytelling. Our social campaign was built on the idea that we should not avoid the big questions going into this sequel, but lean into them without giving any answers so as not to spoil the fun of discovery. We concepted, designed and executed social content that engaged audiences by raising those questions while deepening their connection with the film’s characters, settings and themes. Along the way, we inspired fans to mimic our social design, saved them from Stormtroopers at NY Comic-Con, and launched a new social media holiday that spontaneously and organically became a trending topic across platforms.

Project Roles
Conceptual, Copywriting
Social Media Content, Social Media Copy
Project Industries
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Social Campaign (AOR)