USMC - helpline for soldiers with PTSD

The United States Marine Corp was facing a major challenge. Marines were suffering from PTSD and were afraid to reach out because they feared they would get discharged or ridiculed. Marines are trained to never show any signs of weakness and this attitude was proving detrimental when trying to get them to seek help. So the USMC created D-STRESS - a legitimately anonymous helpline designed for Marines who are struggling with PTSD and are having trouble reaching out. They needed ads to create awareness of this helpline - not just for Marines but for their family members as well. I was freelancing at the time and coming with ideas up against the in-house creative teams. This campaign idea was a hard sell and the account people even refused to present it because they felt it was too controversial. The ECD overrode them and made them present it anyway. It went up the chain of command to the "top guy" and he showed it to his wife. She cried. So then it sold.

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J Walter Thompson
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USMC - helpline for soldiers with PTSD
USMC - helpline for soldiers with PTSD
USMC - helpline for soldiers with PTSD